The Algerian Festival “Raconte-Arts”

What initially sounds like a large theatre and city festival in a southern European city actually takes place every year in a small Kabyle Mountain village in Algeria. Carlotta was there in July 2018 and tells us about this extraordinary festival in this episode. 
Algeria has been increasingly in the news since the beginning of the year due to the ongoing protests against Abd al-Aziz Bouteflika’s renewed presidency. However, today’s episode does not focus on big politics, but on a festival in the mountains of Algeria that has been creating encounters between the most diverse people for 15 years. 
30 degrees, even though the sun set two hours ago. The streets are full, men and women together, sometimes hand in hand, music everywhere, people singing, dancing, playing theatre, artists working on the roadside, illuminated by lanterns, decorating the walls and canvases. 
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