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Our interactive podcast workshops are a gateaway to the podcasting world. Whether you are at the beginning of your podcast journey or having special requirements, you will find our workshops available in German, English and Arabic and they can be tailored to individual needs.
What we offer

Get a comprehensive look at the world of podcasting.


We tailor our workshops to specific needs to ensure the best comes out of the participants’ podcast ideas.

Topics we cover include concept development, recording technology, editing & post-production, publishing and marketing.

We bring extensive experience and an impressive network of international podcasters, audio editors, journalists and media consultants to the table that you can benefit from.

What our participants say
"My biggest learning today: no pressure, having fun & doing what suits you and what feels good." ​
"Now I feel confident producing my own podcast."
"Thank you for the encouraging training!"

For more inspiration and resources, we recommend our handout on podcasting in political education work in English:

So far, we have given trainings for different levels and people of different ages (adult to youth) - among others for the Kreisau Initiative, Minor Kontor, MitOst e.V., podcasters and activists in Yemen and Iraq.

Interested? Then please contact carlotta.hack@yasmin-kollektiv.org. We create suitable offers for activists and non-profit organizations upon request.

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