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In a constantly changing world, it is more important than ever to support organisations that work for peace, understanding and cooperation. Yasmin Kollektiv is one of these organisations that strives to build bridges and work for a better future in the WANA region and Germany. 

  1. Education and awareness: Your donation helps Yasmin Kolletiv understand the complexities of the region and see the stories behind the headlines. Education is the key to understanding and empathy. 
  2. Local support: Your donations go directly to podcast training and podcast projects which make a difference on site. For example, we supported the Iraqi journalists’ group Ana Hura and group with visual impairments from Yemen. 
  3. Transparent reporting: At Yasmin Kollektiv you always know how your donations are spent. The organisation values transparency and accountability towards its donors. We regularly communicate what we do with the donated money by email or on social media. 

Every donation helps. Support Yasmin Kollektiv and become part of the network. 

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