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The Podcast School: A place for women to tell their stories!

In August 2020, Rasha Aldeeb, in collaboration with Yasmin Kollektiv, founded the Podcast School. It's an inspiring project that gives women from North Africa and West Asia the opportunity to develop their storytelling and podcasting skills. Our common goal is to support women to be combative, claim their space and share their unique stories.
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The Podcast School draws heavily on the knowledge and experience of its initiator, Rasha Aldeeb. Being a pioneer in Egypt, she was the first podcaster to give women and their concerns a public voice through this medium. Over the years, she has successfully worked with well-known organisations such as the Robert Bosch Stiftung and Care International and has an impressive list of podcasts to her name. Within her framework for Yasmin Kollektiv, she has also successfully collaborated with various activists and groups such as:

A masterclass (podcast basics) for 50 students at the University of Cairo.

2022 - 2023

A group of journalists from Iraq (Ana Hurra) Podcast here


A group of visually impaired people from Yemen (the media center for visual disabilities

The Podcast School is a place to learn, share and promote female voices in the region. We are proud to support women in sharing their stories.

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