Between the climate crisis and the Arab Spring – What can theatre do?

The play “The Naked Good Life” picks up on the current debate about the climate catastrophe and presents different perspectives on the approaching existential threat and its possible social consequences. In a mind game of reversed realities, German citizens ask for asylum in Lebanon and can ultimately only secure their existence on earth by evolving into superhumans who quote Godot. Carlotta and Katrin were invited to the premiere at the Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg (TAK) and met with director Lydia Ziemke afterwards for a discussion. 
“If Greta Thunberg and all the calculations are right and things change in eight and a half years and so on, it’s simply no time for democracy in Lebanon.” 
How does transnational theatre collaboration between theatre professionals from Germany, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon and Palestine work? What role does theatre play during the Arab Spring and in current civil uprisings? And to what extent is there still time for democracy in the face of the current existential threat? 
We spoke to director Lydia Ziemke about these questions on the occasion of the premiere of her new theatre play “The Naked Good Life”, a collaboration between the Schauspielhaus Hamburg, the Suite 42 company and the Zoukak Theatre Company in Beirut. 
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