Cycling and Mobility Justice in Lebanon– (In English)

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Inflation in Lebanon has caused the prices of food, medicine and petrol to rise enormously. In late summer 2021 there was a fuel shortage and people stood in line for up to six hours to fill the car tank. In the past 50 years there has been no planning of public transportation whatsoever. Is the bike an alternative?
Elena Haddad is co-founder of the organization „The Chain Effect“, which they established in 2014. She is not only committed to bike lanes but to mobility justice in general. In this episode we talk about alternatives to the car, the role of the World Bank and international creditors, and how civil society can act when the state is absent.
© Julia Neumann

When I fight for public transport or cycling, I’m fighting against a political division that has divided us all and destroyed our connections to each other.

Elena Haddad (29), co-founder of the organization „The Chain Effect“ in Lebanon.
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