“I killed a person, but I am not a murderer”

Armenia is a small country today with a population of just under 3 million. But the influence of the events of that time still affects Germany and its foreign policy today. On March 15, 1921, one of the organizers of the Armenian Genocide (1915/16), Mehmed Talât Pasha, was shot by the Armenian Soghomon Tehlirian in Hardenbergstrasse in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The activist of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun) was put on trial a few days later in Berlin-Moabit. This trial and its outcome influenced international jurisprudence far beyond Armenia and Germany. In this episode, you will hear how the so-called “Operation Nemesis” and its effects are still perceived today, including in the Armenian community. 
A big thank goes to Dr. Tessa Hofmann (Armenologist), Ani Serobian (whose podcast handipenk we also highly recommend), Dr. Gerayer Koutcharian (Armenian scholar) and Ani Galustian (a voice of the young Armenian community). 
The episode was sponsored and first published by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. 
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