Fridays for Future in Libanon – (In English)

A waste crisis, lack of education on the consequences of our current lifestyle on the environment, politically instrumentalised media and the #LebaneseRevolution on top – Lebanon certainly faces a bunch of challenges that all come together.
In this episode of Nahostcast we met up with environmental activist Andrés Succar Rahme to discuss how Fridays For Future Lebanon can induce a change towards #ClimateJustice. And this initiative is certainly not the only one vocal in the WANA-region, it’s time for people to know that!
But what are its central demands and how can they be achieved? Is there a connection between FFF initiatives in Westasia and North Africa? And in what way do the Lebanese protests that have been going on since last October play into the movement? About all these questions and hopefully a positive outlook for the Lebanese climate, you can listen in this episode
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