A Clown in Beirut – (In English)

Sabine Choucair’s signature is a red nose: As a clown she roams the streets of Beirut and ‘Sabouny’ brings a smile to children and adults alike. In Lebanon a good laugh is in great need, since daily life has become formed by the increasingly difficult economic and political crisis, the Covid19-pandemic and last but not least the blast in its capital Beirut.
Reminding its people of positive thoughts and ideas, Sabine had founded the theatre group Clown me In in 2011. Since the Beirut blast the group has moved to the streets about 25 times. In its clown show they dance, swing their Hoola, but also deal with serious topics like the Corona situation or death.
© Julia Neumann

In this Nahostcast episode Sabine talks with us about the group’s approach and hoch much joking around can also be a kind of therapy for the people.

Disclaimer: This episode has been recorded before the strict lockdown in Lebanon.

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